Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bad Romance

Typically I'm in two moods when it comes to romance. Either I'm extremely passionate about finding the perfect girl or I'm terribly down on myself and become desperate for any female interaction I can get. Fortunately I'm primarily in the mood of the first one.

Every time I hear stories about people being together for 70+ years and still being in love, it warms my heart. It's terribly cliche, but I want to be the old couple who still holds hands in the Wal-Mart parking lot and always opens the door for her even when he can barely open it for himself. I want to always find my wife beautiful, regardless of how much age may take a toll. The biggest problem with a lot of relationships today is that they're based solely on sexual desire, so if the couple was to get married and grow older, that desire dies down and there's nothing left but two people who just happen to live in the same house.

For this reason, lots of couples refuse to even get married in the first place. They figure once one gets tired of the other, they'll just leave without having to deal with the messy stuff of divorce or worrying about kids. If you ask me, that's just as bad. But divorce is another reason why I want to take plenty of time before getting married. I had to experience it firsthand with my parents and it happened at quite possibly the worst time in my life. Even today I'm pretty scarred when it comes to an idea of love. At times I don't think it exists, or at the very least that I'll never find it. Luckily I turned out pretty ok. (At least I think so)

When I look around me and see people my age getting married and having kids, it makes me think. Part of me is desperate for that kind of love, because those people seem so happy. Then I realize they may have something that I don't, but it doesn't make them some kind of superhuman with a perfect life. They have their share of problems just like I do. The only difference is they have someone to share the problems with who can help them through it.

"You're young. You have plenty of time to find love."

I've heard those words countless times, but every time I can't help but wonder:

How much time is plenty?